Some new stuff just because

I started a new character model, based on this little person I made a long time ago. unnamed_diva_by_pictomage-d5xrvnj

Here’s her ZBrush model with a big clump for hair…PG_zbrush3PG_zbrush2

And the low poly model with an AO bake and temporary… planes for hair…PG_lowpoly1

Aaaaand… here is some strange texture style I’m testing out. It’s supposed to look cel-shaded, but with pixels instead? I will probably throw some toon shader outlines on top of the final texture map. I’m having trouble visualizing how exactly I want this to look. Pixel art requires a fair bit of patience. Her temporary eyes are some crystal orbs from A Link to the Past, ha ha.




Modelled in Zbrush, and low poly model rendered in Maya.

She was born in a lab Jurassic park-style, and her brain was grown with… the stem cells of a fabulous human. No, I don’t know the science behind stem cells also I just had a beer.

Supermodelsaurus Front View

The drawings done for character design class!

Supermodelsaurus Side View

The Zbrush model! Such beauty.


She is the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17… million.*


And textured! The topology gets a little scary around her flowers, but overall she looks pretty good. I think this model turned out so well because I didn’t set any sky-high expectations for myself when starting it. It’s difficult to be super hard on yourself when doing something you’ve never tried before.


*this is actually too young, according to wikipedia

Arcade Machine

Yay for my violently pink arcade machine! We modelled this in our first semester and then textured it in second… I believe. I chose Streets of Rage as my theme, threw my favourite character (Blaze) all over it and then added a few weapons and some girly bits, i.e., the makeup, purse and leopard shoes. I think a couple of people didn’t ‘get’ the shoes… but have you seen some of the enemies in this game?


Also, I was heavily inspired by this art installation by Faile and Bast. I have a bit more tweaking to do before this arcade machine is demo reel-worthy.







[Unnaturally stiff handles point the way to outer space]