Some new stuff just because

I started a new character model, based on this little person I made a long time ago. unnamed_diva_by_pictomage-d5xrvnj

Here’s her ZBrush model with a big clump for hair…PG_zbrush3PG_zbrush2

And the low poly model with an AO bake and temporary… planes for hair…PG_lowpoly1

Aaaaand… here is some strange texture style I’m testing out. It’s supposed to look cel-shaded, but with pixels instead? I will probably throw some toon shader outlines on top of the final texture map. I’m having trouble visualizing how exactly I want this to look. Pixel art requires a fair bit of patience. Her temporary eyes are some crystal orbs from A Link to the Past, ha ha.



Final Character – Work in Progress!

For our final semester, we have two giant assignments and this is one of them. She’s the 3D version of this character design I did for another class. She’s turning out a bit older-looking than I intended.

android girl wip 1

android girl wip 2

I’m so excited to texture her that I’m using every ounce of strength to restrain myself from typing in caps lock.


Modelled in Zbrush, and low poly model rendered in Maya.

She was born in a lab Jurassic park-style, and her brain was grown with… the stem cells of a fabulous human. No, I don’t know the science behind stem cells also I just had a beer.

Supermodelsaurus Front View

The drawings done for character design class!

Supermodelsaurus Side View

The Zbrush model! Such beauty.


She is the dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17… million.*


And textured! The topology gets a little scary around her flowers, but overall she looks pretty good. I think this model turned out so well because I didn’t set any sky-high expectations for myself when starting it. It’s difficult to be super hard on yourself when doing something you’ve never tried before.


*this is actually too young, according to wikipedia

What was supposed to be realism

An assignment for character design class. The only criteria we were given was ‘realistic’, with little to no fantasy elements. Me being me, I still had to make her hair blue and have her be an android. I have to sneak fantasy in there somewhere. I came up with her entire backstory one night and decided this assignment was a good chance to put her on paper…

I guess ‘realistic’ referred more to how it was supposed to be drawn, in which case I have a long way to go. ;-; I’m also not sure how much self-deprecation is allowed on an allegedly ‘professional’ blog.

liesl_realistic character_FINAL

I REALLY like how her side view turned out.