Final Character – DONE!

After 25,000 years. Well no, we actually finished our character models at the end of October. Posing her was fairly difficult, since we didn’t cover rigging, but… I tried. AG_FinalRenderAllSides


I also attempted to give her a scary android eye.AG_FinalRenderRight_grey





What was supposed to be realism

An assignment for character design class. The only criteria we were given was ‘realistic’, with little to no fantasy elements. Me being me, I still had to make her hair blue and have her be an android. I have to sneak fantasy in there somewhere. I came up with her entire backstory one night and decided this assignment was a good chance to put her on paper…

I guess ‘realistic’ referred more to how it was supposed to be drawn, in which case I have a long way to go. ;-; I’m also not sure how much self-deprecation is allowed on an allegedly ‘professional’ blog.

liesl_realistic character_FINAL

I REALLY like how her side view turned out.