Extra life drawings I had floating around

From semester 2!

liesl a_gestures 1liesl a_gestures 2

This was done in watercolour pencils, but the paper is super thin so I’m afraid to wet it.

life drawing_colour portrait


Life Drawing: GUNDAM

For our life drawing class in semester 2, one of the weekly assignments was to draw an action figure or toy. I bought this Gundam model with the intention of studying it… so I said “why not?!”

It might look difficult*, but put this on repeat and YOU CAN ACHIEVE ANYTHING

gundam_age_2_normal_model_1_by_pictomage-d5zm4k5 gundam_age_2_normal_model_2_by_pictomage-d5zm6bl

Oh, I suppose now is an appropriate time to scream about how I saw Pacific Rim for the SECOND time last night. It was worth it. The Jaeger models look painfully complex. And beautiful. My tears. All over the 3D glasses.

Raleigh had way too many lines, though.

*if you’re at my skill level ;-;

What was supposed to be realism

An assignment for character design class. The only criteria we were given was ‘realistic’, with little to no fantasy elements. Me being me, I still had to make her hair blue and have her be an android. I have to sneak fantasy in there somewhere. I came up with her entire backstory one night and decided this assignment was a good chance to put her on paper…

I guess ‘realistic’ referred more to how it was supposed to be drawn, in which case I have a long way to go. ;-; I’m also not sure how much self-deprecation is allowed on an allegedly ‘professional’ blog.

liesl_realistic character_FINAL

I REALLY like how her side view turned out.