life drawing progress!


An abomination from the second or third class.


Not sure why I gave this guy peg legs.


My short poses tend to come out as depth-less outlines.



Something weird is happening with the legs here, but I kind of like the tummy… I also don’t remember this model being that tall.



I hope we have life drawing every damn day next semester.


perspective: witch’s house/shop

witch house draft i guess_smaller

The ‘rough draft’. I thought the final was due the day the draft was due, so I sent myself screaming into the night to finish this.

witch house final_smaller


The same house, with a better landing pad, sitting on a sad, sad hill. If the draft had had some windows on the side, it would have ended up looking better than this one. It’s still cute, but… -_-

I think I will consider myself an improved artist the day people stop calling my art ‘cute’… or saying “That’s so you.” It’s just condescending as hell… or i’m too sensitive lolololol


perspective: vehicle assignment!

crappy vespa_cropped


The first attempt at drawing a vespa!

vespa scene final_smaller

Aaaand the final attempt. With solar panels, a little green roof thing, and a cardboard box city in the background. The vespa still doesn’t look the way I wanted it to… i.e., like an actual vespa, but I may paint over this in photoshop or something in an attempt to… redeem it.